Members list these Top 10 Reasons for joining ACDA...

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1. Gain access to a large network of choral musicians.
2. Benefit yourself with opportunities to grow professionally.
3. Benefit your students and program through various Honor Choirs, Festivals and other opportunities at the state, division, and national levels.
4. Attend National, Division, & State Conferences.
5. Get 'up close and personal' with outstanding national and international headliners.
6. Meet your Pennsylvania colleagues at the ACDA-PA Summer Conference where you will get free music, attend reading and interest sessions, and interact with choral musicians who do the same thing you do.
7. Receive the Choral Journal -- ACDA's national publication -- news you can use.
8. Stay current with state and division news by reading our state publication, Polyphony, and Troubadour, the Eastern Division publication.
9. Hear exceptional choral performances by some of the finest choirs in the country.
10. Make great and lasting professional friendships.
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